Thank You

Team eLearning would like to thank everyone who contributed and participated in IMU eLearning Festival 2013.

Firstly, we would like to thank Tan Sri for his visionary idea for having the IMU eLearning Festival 2013 and also for visiting the festival showcases, posters and interacting with the participants. We would also like to thank the ‘Panel of Judges’ (headed by Prof Peter Pook, Prof Ong Kok and Dato’ Ted Mohr), speakers, workshop facilitators, and participants for their contribution to make this event a success. 

Over 100 faculty staff and students attended the first day (9th September) of IMU eLearning Festival, which included showcases, learning innovation talks, a Nano workshop, and Mobile games in the Senate Room. We even had a couple of participants from International Medical College (IMC).

On the second and third day (10th and 11th September) of the eLearning festival we had more than 10 Nano workshops (30 minute workshops: 20 min Demo + 10 Hands-on). An average of 10-15 participants attended each workshop. Video recordings of the Nano workshops will be made available soon on the IMU eLearning festival blog:

Finally, we would like to thank the three vendors that showcased their products and solutions: Switch, eLearning Minds and V-Cube

We are planning to organize IMU eLearning festival next year, too. However, this time on a bigger scale with participants from other Universities.

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